Class Size And Annual Intake

The class size at Sagarmatha is ideal with a comfortable number of students in each classroom. This small but spacious class size makes it possible for the students to have optimum input from the teachers. We have an annual intake of 3 sections in Science stream and 5 sections in Management stream respectively.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for Class XI consists of a written test followed by an interview. Students with the following criteria can apply for the test:

Science: At least B+ in English, Com. Maths, Opt. Maths, Science and C+ in other subjects.

Management: At least B in Com. Maths, English and C+ in other subjects.

The information about enrollment of students is disseminated through our website, national dailies and F.M. radios. An open entrance test will be conducted as on of the major criteria for selection of the students. Since the school enrolls only a limited number of students, only those among the short listed will have an access for admission.

It is compulsory to put proper school uniform.


Sagarmatha offers scholarships to the outstanding, disadvantaged and deserving candidates. The scholarship scheme is offered to:

SEE Board Toppers
Sagarmatha Entrance Toppers (5 Seats)
SEE District Toppers
Socially & Economically Underprivileged Students, etc.

The detailed information about the eligibility criteria for scholarship scheme can be obtained from the school administration  or you can fill the form in Contact section.


Some of our pass outs who have been enrolled in prestigious educational institution in scholarship