Sagarmatha is run by a team of well-experienced and qualified academicians having decades of teaching and administrative experience. The founder team of Sagarmatha comprise of

Team Spirit

In order to run organization smoothly and efficiently requires a high degree of team work. Over the past decade we have been able to build a strong team of academicians to support our organization from daily operation to teaching-learning process. We are proud of our team.


Mr. Hari Prasad Tripathee – Chairperson

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Thapa – Member Secretary

Mr. Sahida Shakya – Member

Mr. Dilip Kumar Sharma – Member

Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikari – Member

Mr. Madhav Prasad Sharma – Member


Professor Dr. Shreedhar Lohani

Professor Dr. Birendra Singh Gautam

Professor Dr. L.N. Jha

Professor Dr. Rameshwor Prasad Adhikari

Professor Dr. I.C. Dutta

Professor Dr. Tanka Sharma

Faculty Members

  • Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikari (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Lakpa C. Gurung (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Kul Prasad Dhakal (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Min Raj Lamsal (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Surya Mohan Tiwari (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikari (MSc. T.U.)


  • Mr. Dhan Bahadur Thapa (MSc., BEd. T.U.)
  • Mr. Krishna Thapa (MSc. T.U.)



  • Mrs. Sahida Shakya (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Dilip Kumar Sharma (MSc. Ed. UK, MA T.U.)
  • Mr. Ramji Gautam (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mrs. Radhika Sapkota (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Khum Lal Paudel (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Gir Bahadur Khadka (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Hari Prasad Tripathee (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Mmadhav Prasad Sharma (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Durga Prasad Adhikari (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Amrit Kunwar (MSc. T.U.)
  • Mr. Chiranjibi Banjara (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Nabaraj Baral (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Puspa Nidhi Amgai (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Bal Krishna Adhikari (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Tej Narayan Adhikari (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Tej Narayan Timilsina (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Shyam Prasad Poudel (MA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Bed Nath Sharma (MA., BEd. T.U.)
  • Mr. Bishal Lamichhane (MA, TU)
  • Mr. Dhurba Budhathoki (MBA. T.U.)
  • Mr. Khag Prasad Pokhrel (MBA BEd, BL T.U.)
  • Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa (MBA T.U.)
  • Mr. Manoj Bhurtel (MBA T.U.)
  • Mr. Lal Bahdur Pun (MBS. T.U.)
  • Mr. Ram Prasad Timilsina (MBA PU)