Facilities and Resources

A big playground within a peaceful environment is available at the school to organize various sports activities. Sporting events like Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Badminton competitions are organized by the school on annual basis. The special cultural programs organized on various occasions around the year also provide students with an opportunity to perform in different fields like singing, acting, dancing, etc. The school also offers extra tutorial classes in case the students require additional support.

Science Laboratory

We have well equipped and up to date science laboratories with all the reference specimens, equipment and technical resources. Besides the regular coursework, students get additional opportunities of research and experiments in all areas of interests.


Sagarmatha has a well managed library with sufficient textbooks including reference materials and other study resources. To maintain up to date references in a wide range of fields, the library subscribes a number of journals, daily, weekly, monthly magazines and newspaper.


The school runs its own cafeteria in order to provide hygienic and nutritious snacks (Khaja) for the students. All students are encouraged to use the school cafeteria, so as not to leave the school premises during the study hours.


The school has its own fleet of buses to run along the major routes within Pokhara valley. As our transportation system covers the major routes of Pokhara valley it is easy for our students to get college on time.